Sagitta Steps Up to Serve Exploding FTTP Connector Market

Sagitta Steps Up to Serve Exploding FTTP Connector Market

With Verizon, SBC, and BellSouth all moving towards FTTP architectures as a means to leapfrog the limited consumer bandwidth provided by DSL and Cable Modems and Verizon's recent awarding of FTTP contracts to key suppliers, fiber optic connector usage is predicted to soar. Verizon has committed to deploying FTTP services (i.e. The Triple Play) to 1 million homes in the US this year, 2 million in '05, and over 4 million in '06, at which point SBC has indicated it will also begin its initial FTTP rollout.

The only fiber optic connector field proven in the FTTP's outside plant (OSP) environment is the angled physical contact (APC) connector. Verizon's decision to utilize APC connectors is the first true mass deployment of this connector type. And while connector manufacturers had ramped up capacity for other fiber optic connector types during the "Telecom Bubble", the APC connector business remained somewhat of a lower volume niche market (i.e. CATV).

Sagitta's Gemini-Cx integrated polishing, cleaning, and inspection automation cell is the only commercially available high-volume batch processing solution for APC connectors. Offering consistently superior geometry and surface finish at reduced consumable costs, the Gemini-Cx is easily scalable to multiple sites without the need for increased staffing and training. With high-quality throughput of over 200 APC ends per hour, the Gemini-Cx is finding warm reception amongst the FTTP supplier community, being selected as a turn-key alternative to brick & mortar expansion.

About Sagitta

Sagitta, founded in 1997, provides innovative process equipment solutions to the global fiber optics and semiconductor industries. Its product offerings include several automated polishing and inspection systems for high-value fiber optic components, and award winning automated polishing tools for cross section and parallel sample preparation for failure analysis and process monitoring in the semiconductor and Diskhead manufacturers. The company is headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, maintains an engineering and manufacturing center in Israel, a sales and demonstration office in California, and has built a broad net of representatives to support its growing number of customers around the globe.

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